Terms and Conditions


  • EarperConUK will undertake everything in its power and within its control to ensure the viability of the convention. However, matters outside of our control may result in the cancellation of the convention.  In the event of cancellation of the convention, EarperConUK will not be liable for any charges from third parties or provide refunds for any charges from third parties (i.e. hotels, travel costs etc.)
  • All guests appearing at the convention do so subject to work commitments. Should such a commitment mean they are no longer able to attend, EarperConUK apologises in advance, however NO refunds will be given.
  • By purchasing your ticket for the event you accept that EarperConUK is not responsible for any personal injury experienced or loss/damage to personal belongings.
  • EBC-Conventions/EarperCon are not liable for any food consumed on the premises. Any food consumed on the premises is at the attendees own risk.


  • EarperConUK is committed to providing a safe and fun experience for all attending the convention. As such, all are expected to adhere to and entitled to respectful treatment at our convention and associated events; be that before, during or after an event. EarperConUK will not tolerate inappropriate behaviour of any kind, including but not limited to harassment because of age, disability, marital status, race or colour, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity. Any threatening behaviour toward guests, staff, volunteers, or attendees with the intent to abuse, annoy, alarm, embarrass, harass, or torment another is unacceptable and grounds for removal from the convention without refund. If unacceptable behaviour continues upon being escorted from the convention, local authorities may be asked to pursue criminal charges.  Anyone who experiences or witnesses inappropriate behaviour are encouraged to report it to any staff member, volunteer, or security immediately without concerns for their personal safety or repercussions.


  • All tickets purchased for the convention are Non-Refundable. Once bought, you will not be able to upgrade to a higher-level ticket or gain a high ticket level via transfer (i.e. owning a Black Badge and upgrading to Peacemaker Badge.) If you are unable to attend the convention after purchasing a ticket, the rules for transferring will be clearly advertised and ONLY at the date specified on the website. Please note, EarperConUK can revoke this agreement at any time if misused or rules are not adhered too with any explanation.
  • For 2019 tickets you will not receive an e-ticket you will receive a confirmation email with your name, badge type and number. Please ensure you save your email confirmation as this is required to collect your badge at the event. These must be presented at registration to be exchanged for a convention badge and wristband. Please ensure these are worn and are visible at all times during the event.
  • In order to collect your badge and wristband you must provide a valid form of photographic ID such as a passport or driving licence. Any person presenting a confirmation email that does not match EarperConUK records will not be permitted to enter the convention.
  • Children aged 7 and under are free.
  • Those aged 8 to 15 will be considered a child and their ticket must be purchased by the accompanying adult. Proof of date of birth of the child will be required when buying such tickets. If a child ticket is purchased with a VIP/Peacemaker Ticket, they will be allowed to sit with the Ticket holder in the area of the main hall reserved for VIP/Peacemaker Ticket holders. Children will NOT be allowed to enter the Meet & Greet sessions (apart from Friday night’s Peacemaker Meet & Greet)
  • A Disabled person is entitled to 1 FREE carer ticket. When purchasing said ticket please ensure you use the relevant text box and add “Disabled Ticket”. The purchaser must then provide evidence of their disability via the Contact Form on the website or via direct email to: info@earperconuk.com. (You may blank out any sensitive information such as NI numbers.) Please ensure you include the ticket reference number to enable EarperConUK to issue the correct ticket category. Please advise us at the time of booking if you have any special requirements or if you are attending the convention and require wheelchair access.
  • Carer Ticket is an entry only ticket to accompany an attendee who has accessibility needs and cannot attend the event alone. Please note Carers are NOT eligible for and cannot buy any autographs, photographs, or attend any part of the event unless accompanying the ticket holder.
  • Autograph Sessions are subject to time constraints. We will do our best to ensure every attendee receives all their autographs.


  • All unauthorised filming, sound recording and/or the unauthorised transmitting of audio or visual material, data or information, is expressly prohibited at EarperConUK. Out of respect for our guests, photos and/or videos of cast members while they are walking throughout the convention venue/hotel are strictly prohibited. This also includes periscope/live streaming which is not permitted. This is illegal and a copyright breach.
  • As a convention attendee, you consent to filming, sound recording and photography and you consent to the use by EarperConUK of any such film, sound recording or photography anywhere in the World for promotional, marketing, and other purposes.

​​EarperConUK reserves the right to change any of the terms and conditions at any time.