Online Slot Game Called “Empty the Bank”

It is unclear precisely why this is the case, but slot producers are well aware that players are quickly drawn to games that are inspired by bank heists and other crimes in which money is stolen. Even though there are already a great number of slots designed in the break-the-bank manner, Pragmatic Play has chosen to build another one, one that will appeal to all of the high-rollers who are already playing online.

Empty the Bank is an extremely thrilling 5×4 slot to play. It has 20 paylines and a feature-rich gameplay that may lead to large wins. Ignoring the perfect aesthetics for a moment, the game is really fun to play. You can learn more about Empty the Bank by reading our in-depth review of the game here.

Empty the Bank: A Guide to Playing the Slot Machine

Empty the Bank may be played on any mobile or desktop device at the very best online casinos if you have previously tried at least one other slot game developed by Pragmatic Play, and if that is the case, you will know just what to do when you load the game.

The control buttons are located below the reels, and the potential additional bets that may be placed can be found on the left side of the screen. Extra bets are only accessible in select areas. You may access the paytable by selecting the I button with your mouse or fingertip. You’ll find low-paying playing cards with a metallic look for the Royals, from J all the way up to A. After that, you’ll see the high-paying bags of jewels, gold bars, cash, and coins, which will provide you with up to 10 times your original wager for the highest combination.

In light of this, it is important to remember that you will get payouts for any of these symbols if you hit three or more identical ones from left to right on consecutive reels, with the exception of the symbol with the highest payout. To build a combination with the Crown symbol, you only need to have two of them, and if you have five of them, you will get 20 times your original bet. The Robber’s Mug serves as the Wild symbol, while the Bonus sign acts as the Scatter. Other from these, there are no other special symbols.

Located to the left of the letter I “button, you’ll see the three-bar button where the game’s settings are, and below it, you’ll see the Speaker button where the sounds of the game can be enabled or disabled. button, you’ll see the button that looks like three horizontal bars where the game’s settings are. In the right hand corner of the “when you click the I button, you’ll see displays for both your Credits and Bets. You may find the Spin/Autospin button at the right-hand bottom corner of the screen, along with the – and + buttons on each side of it. You have the ability to raise or reduce your stake by using these buttons, with a range that goes anywhere from 0.20 to 100 credits for each spin. You may raise the wager from 0.25 credits per spin up to 125 credits per spin by clicking the Extra Bet button that is located to the left of the reels. This will give you a better chance of triggering the bonus feature sooner.

Bonus Games with an Empty the Bank Theme

You have a chance of activating the Hold & Win Feature by placing the optional Ante Wager, which costs an additional 25 percent of the standard bet and enables an additional number of Bonus Scatters to appear anywhere on the reels. However, you may activate the function in a natural way by landing three Scatter symbols. Only reels 1, 3, and 5 may have a Scatter symbol appear on them.

The reels have the potential to grow to a size of 7×7, despite the fact that the feature begins with a 5×4 grid. When the function is triggered, you are awarded three respins and three money symbols, all of which are reset anytime a new symbol appears on the screen. The value of the Money Symbols might range from one to ten times the amount staked. Any of the other symbols that land will take on a distinct function, including the following:

– The Safe Door: If one lands, it provides a multiplier of one times the bet; if three land, you get the maximum payout potential that the game has to offer.

– Ladder – provides a reward equal to one times the bet in addition to unlocking rows 6 and 7 on the first and second occasions, respectively, that it lands.

The Hammer feature not only gives a payout equal to one player’s initial wager but also unlocks spaces on the seventh reel.

– The Drill feature not only pays a reward equal to one times the total bet but also unlocks spaces on the first reel.

– The Alarm feature offers a payout equal to one times the total bet and raises the number of potential Respins to four.

The Burglar ability steals the value of any and all Burglar and Money Symbols that are visible, making room for more symbols to drop on the reels.

– The Computer pays you a reward equal to one hundred times your bet and increases the value of any Money Symbols that are visible.

– The Walkie Talkie feature gives all Money Symbols that appear during the current Respin and any consecutive Respins an additional value of 1–2 times the total bet.

When the screen is completely covered with symbols or when there are no more Respins available, the bonus round will come to an end. You may be able to “buy” your way into the Respin round in some jurisdictions by spending 80 times the initial stake.

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