13th-15th September 2019
London UK

Star of the Month

Hello ! My name is Julie and I’m 18. I really have nothing special to say about myself. I love travelling, when I put my backpack travel I feel that I can be who I really am. I’m super silly , love drawing singing and hangout with my friends . I don’t have a lot of friends , but a few who is really important . I move every year to a different country so i suppose that is normal .. a big defect that I have, is probably talking to mush about the things that I love . Saying every that I went to a con and met Dominique don’t make my friends laugh everyday hahahah.

I think that wynonna earp is the only tv show that show a good representation of everything. The cast is super close to the fans and that make all earpers so lucky ! They interact with us as a family and I just feel special for being part of this. In that show we can be who we are with no ppl judging you .

Fan Photographs