13th-15th September 2019
London UK

Star of the Month

I introduce myself it’s Angélique I’m a French Earper, for me Wynonna Earp changed my life, I discovered the Earpers, benevolent people talented, human, supportive they are my second family and a cast just magical beings endearing, sincere humans I love them more than anything. Since I live Wynonna Earp, I eat Wynonna Earp, I breathe Wynonna Earp, I’m Earper forever, pictures, t-shirt, goodies invade my apartment and I’m proud of it. I even have a tattoo, you will see it on the following pictures. And last year I lived the experience of my life, my first convention, the Earpercon, where my dream came true, I met my family Earpers and also a magic encounter with all the cast, it was the best time of my life, so thank you Wynonna Earp thanks Earpers, thank you to this sublime cast and to you Earpercon you are awesome and go in September I’ll be there.

Fan Photographs