25th - 27th September 2020
London UK

EBC-Conventions CIC is excited to announce ‘The Photo Co.’ as our event photography company for EarperConUK.

‘The Photo Co.’ are highly experienced convention photographers, being well known for their work at Wales Comic Con and other large conventions. With their high level of skill and professionalism, we are confident of providing EarperConUK attendees with top quality photos, you will be proud to take home and relive your special moment with the cast.

‘The Photo Co.’ will be in charge of the whole process from taking the photo, to printing out on 8×10, and dealing with any queries you may have relating to your photos. ‘The Photo Co.’ will also be selling additional prints of your chosen photo(s) and protective heavy plastic sleeves designed to keep your photos pristine.

Additionally, The Photo Co. will be selling digital copies of all the photos taken at the event. Further details on how to purchase these from The Photo Co. will be forthcoming.

So please welcome; Paul, Ollie and Kayte – AKA The Photo Co. – to EarperConUk_2019. If you have any questions relating to photos, please feel free to leave the team a query on our Facebook page and they will reply, to the best of their abilities. Alternatively, please see Paul Waring, who will be in charge of collections on the day, for assistance.

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