25th - 27th September 2020
London UK

Wow! It’s getting ‘haught’ in here!! Yes #Earpers, we are super pleased to announce the return of the wonderful Kat Barrell aka “Nicole Rayleigh Haught” to ‘EarperCon 2019’ Whoop! Whoop!

Kat is a Bonus guest. Photos, autos and meet & greets will for her will go on sale shortly. Please review our ‘ticket description’ for further assistance.


Actor and Director, Kat Barrell, enjoys a career alternating between work in both the comedy and drama sphere. After graduation from the prestigious George Brown Classical Theatre school, Kat booked her first major guest star on the ABC Network pilot, Poe, alongside Natalie Dormer (Game of Thrones).

A sign of things to come Kat went on to play in both television and film, performing in notable dramas, Reign, Private Eyes, The Listener, Saving Hope where she garnered attention as the fragile Dixie Kolesnyk. Select film work includes, Lake Placid: Legacy (Sony Pictures), The Scarehouse (NBC Universal).  Her range didn’t stop there however.  As a compliment to her training at the famous Groundlings School of Comedy in Los Angeles, Kat was cast to star in the romantic comedy, My Ex Ex, solidifying her love of and skill for comedy acting .

All these stepping-stones brought her the role she is most widely recognized for, town Sheriff, Nicole Haught, on SYFY’s Wynonna Earp.  The show recently won for a People’s Choice Award as “Best Scifi Show” with Kat winning “Performer of the Week” (TV Line) and “Performer of the Month” (Spoiler TV) for her work in Season 3. About to enter her fourth Season of filming Kat continues to garner an incredibly supportive and passionate fanbase.  When not filming she’s touring the world meeting them at various conventions, which in turn brings her an immense amount of pride.

This pride resurfaced when she was cast as part of the female lead team on Workin’ Moms (CBC), playing the loveably neurotic, Alicia Rutherford.  The show is helmed by showrunner, Catherine Reitman and was recently nominated for an International Emmy.  Kat’s enthusiasm for Science Fiction continues on her most recent project, Star Trek: Discovery (CBS), as the iconic canon character, Stella Grimes, alongside famed comedian, Rainn Wilson (The Office).

Although acting continues to be her focus and first love, on the other side of the camera Kat has worked as both a director and producer on 7 short films. Most notably her comedy short, Issues, was named one of the top three ‘Bell Media Short Films’ by Television critic Richard Crouse. Kat’s short films, Cannonball and Dissecting Gwen and Mature Young Adults played at several film festivals across North America. Through her production company, Blue Eyed Bandit, She developed Dissecting Gwen into a television concept entitled Breakdown. Kat is currently at work developing her first feature film.

When not on set Kat can be found picking fruit on her family farm and cuddling a notorious pooch named Bernie.

Awards and Notable Nominations:

2018 – Performer of the week, Kat Barrell – TV Line
2018 – Performer of the month, Kat Barrell – Spoiler TV
2018 – People’s Choice Award winner, Wynonna Earp – E!
2018 – International Emmy Nominee, Workin Moms – International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences