25th - 27th September 2020
London UK

Dear Earper,

We will soon be releasing our pricing list for this year’s convention and we wanted to give you a head’s up on something important.

As you pay for your items, at the end of each sale and before you enter your payment details, you will see a charge marked “United Kingdom Sales Tax VAT 20%”

This is a charge made by the UK Government on all sales EarperCon UK does and is something we are legally made to pass on the costs to our fans. This money goes direct to the UK Government.

You will not need to work out the tax yourself, our shop system will automatically do it and add it to the overall cost of the items in your shopping basket.

We are sorry for any frustration this charge causes. EarperConUK has become part of EBC-Conventions C.I.C which is registered as a charitable company. More exciting news on this will be coming soon

For the moment, if you have any questions please email our Director, Lisa Blanco, at lisablanco@earperconuk.com and she will be happy to answer them.